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Trend research is required for product development.
We have placed great weight on trend research in Europe.
Because Europeans are skillfully incorporated in the lifestyle and fashion
The history of jewelry is more than a thousand years in Europe
A research in the Europe is indispensable to put on the sensitivity that they fused in the body.
In addition, the researches exceed a frame of jewelry and it diverges into many branches and is performed from the fashion whole to a lifestyle.
And I can finish a keen-edged impressed design of the sensitivity by digesting information of high quality in the enormousness.
Time and an expense and the staff are necessary for a research.
However, it is indispensable work to always send breath of a new trend into a product.
I perform this research and develop the latest jewelry of the approximately 500 a year type.
A lot of designs, it is supplied OEM in that to a national brand.


The diamond jewelry of Maruzen is produced in company factory.
I disregard the business entirely there, and there are craftsmen inclining the hot passion to only making a good thing.
The jewelry of Maruzen does not make ends meet in defiance of these craftsmen.
Because there are these craftsmen, jewelry of Maruzen is light jewelry, but it is got reputation called the finish of the high jewelry.


I sell jewelry to the jewels and ornaments retail stores of the whole country.
Because we get relations of "win win win" with account and end user, I offer substantial service and aftercare.
And it establishes the reliable results and trust now by suggesting sale advice based on the fresh information of a selling shop and a product trend, a business trend in real time.
I perform the storewide produce such as the most suitable product, an exhibition, the display.
It is the practical project that does not remain in the theoretical consulting that this analyzed a market on the basis of market research, a product trend, a business trend from different angles, and I cross, and mixed sensitivity of Maruzen.
It rises in feelings, the customer viewpoint visually and is easy to choose all products in the shop and it is easy to buy it and exhibits it.
Only had a look; "KAWAII!" I create the space where a voice of the と admiration breaks out.


I sponsor festival "strawberry jewelry Festival" of jewelry proud of the user mobilization of approximately 6,000 people by two times a year of holding.
A smile and vigor overflow in a meeting place.
The sales force does business with a visitor although being a pleasure.
With a great many visitors coming every time, the repeat rate is No1.
By the assortment of goods more than 17,000 points, I prepare a lot of products of an affordable price and realize a wonderful purchase rate.

Ichigo Jewellery Festival